Faith Lehane (goaskmalice) wrote in blindingheights,
Faith Lehane

Fuck you right back

I was slowly gettin' less pissed the more alcohol I'd consumed. Me and B had spent a little while playin' with the slot machines and I even tried my hand at Blackjack for a little while before I realized I sucked at it. I needed a smart friend so we could count cards or something. For some reason hustling at a local shit bar in some podunk town with Dean was easier than tryin' to do it in a huge casino in Vegas. Not that it mattered, I wasn't out to get rich tonight, just to forget that I married the biggest jackass on the fuckin' planet.

B was pretty drunk too, I could tell when girlfriend got trashed cause she started talkin' all cute slurrin' her words and shit. Didn't know if she had any plans to see Sam tonight or not but he was definitely gonna get lucky if she did. We got to another bar, this one was way more upscale than the piece of shit we'd first ended up in and less upscale than the casino with the free drinks that we'd tried our luck in. After we'd ordered drinks at the bar I spotted a hottie and some of his friends over at a table in the corner. One of them looked over at me and B and looked us both up and down.

"Score." I said under my breath as I grabbed Buffy's hand and pulled her over to their table. "You guys wouldn't mind if we joined you, would ya?" I asked them and one of them, the one wearing a cowboy hat shook his head at me, letting his eyes run me up and down again.

"No m'am. I wouldn't mind at all." He said in a low southern drawl. It was kinda hot, I had to admit. Even B couldn't deny that shit. The two of us sat down with them even though Buffy was giving me a dubious look. It was a good thing for me that homegirl was drunk too. And we hadn't been sat down for more than ten minutes before these guys had bought us another drink.

And after that another, and another. We were makin' out pretty damn good with the free drinks and by this point I was sitting closer to the inside of the rounded table that was actually supposed to be a booth. Sittin' in between two very pretty guys and flirting with them both so hard. I was going home with one of them tonight. I just hadn't decided which one yet.

I leaned over to whisper in the cowboy's ear and when I did he surprised me by grabbing a hold of my waist and pulling me up so I was on his lap. I snickered hard and grinded a little against him when I felt someone behind me watching us. Turning my head I expected to see Buffy having a fit but she was having a boring looking conversation with one of the other guys. Instead it was Dean who was glaring a hole in the back of my head.

"Who's this guy?" The cowboy demanded and I just shrugged as I turned back around to look at him. "He's nobody."
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