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Rivergrove, here we come. Kinda.

After everything that happened, Dean was barely even looking at me. At least Faith understood even when I didn’t understand. I mean, I did, I wanted to save Faith and in the end, I helped save both of them, together. Their father was more than willing and I … I just couldn’t let Faith die when I there was a chance that she didn’t have to. The whole ride to Rivergrove was made in mostly silence. Sometimes Sam and Faith would try to include me in on conversations, Faith I think because she liked making Dean tick and Sam just to be nice. But once I’d talk, the conversation would usually go quiet, so I’d just look out the window, unable to get some sleep that I was in major need of. I hadn’t been able to sleep at all and it was taking a toll on me.

Why couldn’t Dean just realize that I did what I had to do? Wouldn’t he do the same thing? He seemed like he would be the type to lay down his life for his brother and I’d do anything to help Faith. That’s just what we did. And I could see it in Dean’s eyes, that’s what he would do too, so why was he so angry at me? Because it was his father. Maybe I was selfish in all of this. John was saving Dean and in the process, I asked him to save Faith. It wasn’t my place, but he was more than willing, he did it and now both of them were alive while John was dead. The demon was also really wanting to get a hold of that gun, I didn’t understand why and I didn’t ask. Maybe I should have.

We finally drove past the Rivergrove city limit sign and I shifted in my seat, while looking out the window. Where was everyone? Was this what Sam saw in his vision? Yeah, maybe he didn’t realize that he me and Faith knew what him and Dean were talking about, but we did. We know all about the visions and Sam had a vision about this place, hence us being here now. Faith and I shared a look as we both looked out the window again.

“Well, looks like this is a modern day ghost town.” Dean pointed out dryly as he drove on through, somewhat slow for a change.
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The vision was almost a welcome relief after the last few days since Dean had found out that Buffy had helped Dad make that deal for Dean and Faith. I wasn't mad about it, Dad had made a choice and I was glad to still have Dean here with me. I knew he was carrying around a lot of guilt and grief, I couldn't blame him for that either but he needed to stop giving the girls the cold shoulder because of it.

I'd let Dean brood over the deal that Buffy and Dad made but for now I was plagued by the vision that had haunted me all the way to River Grove. I'd seen it clear as day, Dean pulling the trigger on some guy. And the guy was just...a guy, I knew for a fact that he wasn't a demon or anything. The visions weren't always so clear about motive though. Why would Dean shoot an innocent man?

"Something's not right here." I said quietly to Dean from the passenger seat. He'd already nailed it right on the head. It was like a ghost town, but that didn't make any sense. Finally he pulled up in front of one of the buildings in the center of town and the four of us piled out of the car. The girls were looking all around for signs of life. I glanced around myself too but didn't see anyone.

"This doesn't make any sense." I leaned against the car and ran my hand through my hair.

"Tell me about it, Vision Boy." Faith said dryly as she finally ambled over to the two of us, actually leaving Buffy's side for more than a second, which was something I hadn't seen in days. "Ain't nobody here. This place is busted."

"I know what I saw. Dean shot someone here." I was getting frustrated but I didn't know what else to do or say.
We all got out of the car and took a look around. Or two. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to look at unless you wanted to look at empty buildings and empty everything else. Faith and I exchanged a look as I crossed my arms, rubbing my hands on my arms. Something really wasn't right. Especially if Sam did have a vision of Dean shooting someone, only, there wasn't anyone here to shoot. Unless he was going to shoot one of us and Sam was leaving that part out.

Studying Sam's face though, it seemed he had no idea what was going on. And unlike his brother at the moment, I didn't think he was capable of pulling a gun on Faith or me.

"Well, isn't this just great," Dean said, annoyed as he shot Sam a look. "Not that I'm doubting the visions, but come on man, there's nothin' here."

"Well, we kinda haven't moved from where we are, maybe if we looked around ..."

I shut up though when Dean shot me a look. Whatever, I didn't care. I was tired of apoligizing and hey, look at him, he's alive. Okay, so I'm really thinking of what Faith was telling me and it seems so easy to just say it, but I don't. He'll know soon enough. Hopefully.

Walking over to the car, I leaned inside to get my jacket and I put it on. Suddenly, there was a scream and I stood straight, looking around and I know it wasnt' just me because Faith, Sam and Dean were on alert too. Dean even pulled out a gun.

"Looks like we found some action."
"'Bout time." I muttered back to B when I heard the scream. Suddenly it was like someone flipped a switch in my head cause I was all about the action. Standing tense I exchanged another look with Buffy before we both burst into a run. I could Sam and Dean right behind us with their guns out. The four of us backed up against the building but I was a little impatient as I peeked in through the window.

I frowned as I looked at the scene in front of me. Some housewife lookin' chick tied up in the kitchen with two guys pacing around in front of her. They looked like they were her son and her husband but I couldn't tell for real sure. "Dude, your vision didn't happen to mention the Manson family did it?" I whispered to Sam who just gave me a sharp look.

Hey, it was a fair question.

I made a face when the dad took a knife and just cut a sharp line into his son's bicep as the two of them stood over the lady who looked like she was scared shitless. "Alright. Enough waiting." I said and I knew B had the same idea cause we both burst into action at the same time. Bursting in through the front door the older guy caught a look at us first.

I went for him figuring B could handle Junior and the hostage. I had his arm yanked up behind his back and his face slammed up against the wall. That was as far as I got though.

"Hold it." I heard Sam say and turned to look at him and Dean, both with their guns drawn. "Let her go."
This whole time I thought Sam's little vision was pointless until finally, there was a scream. Guess that lit a fire under the girls asses because they were gone, Sam and I weren't too far behind though. We had our guns drawn, just waiting and I tilted my head as Faith peeked in through the window. Her and Buffy exchanged a look before busting in. A few seconds later, Sam and I were in, standing there while the girls got the guy and the uh, younger guy and had them restrained.

Faith had the older guy up against the wall and Buffy had drop kicked the other dude and he was on the floor now.

Pointing my gun toward the guy on the floor, I moved slowly toward the woman who was drained white from fear and I tried to reassure her. "You're goin' to be okay, what the hell is goin' on?"

I got behind the lady and started to untie her.

"Don't even think about it," I heard Buffy say to the guy on the ground.

"Please, don't hurt them!" I made a face at the crazy woman's request. Didn't they just try to kill her?

This would seem like a domestic dispute, one that the cops would handle except it was almost like everyone in town had just disappeared. Obviously not though, because these guys were still here. "What were they trying to do to her, Dean?" I asked him, ignoring everyone else for the moment as I started to untie the woman. This wasn't just a run of the mill domestic dispute either. There was definitely something else going on here, I just wasn't sure what. It was almost like....she was a sacrifice or something. This whole thing was way too ritualistic.

All of a sudden I heard a scuffle before Faith went flying back into the wall hard. So hard it would have hurt me or Dean pretty badly but luckily she was a slayer so she flipped right back up to her feet.

"Dean!" I yelled loudly because that wasn't just some guy. That was definitely a demon. The demon had started to rush towards Buffy and I didn't even have to say anything else before shots rang out and Dean had fired two bullets into the older guy. Buffy must have been startled because the kid sprung up to his feet and pushed Dean into Faith so that he tripped over her and fell to the ground, his gun skittering across the floor.

Holding up my gun I took aim when all of a sudden the woman cried out again for me not to hurt her son. I hesitated, faltered for only a second and the kid had run out of the house and escaped to who knows where.
I fell back and everything seemed to be happening at once. When it was all over, I glanced over at Sam, who was still holding his gun toward an empty doorway and I looked over at Dean who was getting up off the floor and grabbing his gun. Suddenly, I was up and woman broke out into hysterics. Her husband was dead. Swallowing hard, I moved over toward Faith and just watched the woman cry for her husband.

Did we make a mistake? We couldn't have. The way the guy moved, there was no way - it was just like he was me or Faith and obviously, that couldn't be.

"What the hell was that!?" Dean yelled, grabbing his gun and looking around. He saw the body, the body that he killed and then he looked at Sam. "Where the hell did the other guy go!?"

"Dean," I started, but he ignored me. "You let him get away."

Okay, he was seriously pissed off and I could understand why, but something just didn't seem right. What the hell just happened, why did it happen?

Dean didn't stick around though to find out because he was gone. Now it was just me, Sam and Faith, alone in the room with a dead body and a hysterical woman.

Walking over toward the woman, I knelt down beside her and I went to place my hand on her back. How could I explain to her that it wasn't her husband? I just didn't know what to say, it was more frustrating than anything because we didn't know anything.
"He was just a kid." Sam said like he was in some kinda shock or something. Man, he wasn't gonna go all puppy dog faced on us now was he? His timing sucked for real sometimes but luckily Dean and B were keepin' their shit together. Can't believe I just got bumrushed by Mr. Stepford. Life's a serious bitch. I rubbed my elbow where I'd smacked it into the wall where the demon had thrown me and pouted for like half a second before I got over it.

"Can't believe this chick is cryin' over him. He just tried to kill you lady!" I exclaimed at her before Sam moved to stand between the two of us.

"Faith, just chill out, okay?" He asked me in a calm voice and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah whatever." Hangin' back a little bit I looked out through the front doorway but didn't see anyone else. This place really was a weird ass ghost town.

All of a sudden out of nowhere the woman started to cough really hard and I frowned at her from where I was standing. "Shit. She sick or something?" I asked Sam who immediately dropped to his knees so he could get a better look at her. Fuckin' sap.
Fuck! What the hell just happened? After the crazy fucking fiasco, I took off after the kid, but once I got outside, he was gone. I turned around, full circle and nothing. Nada. This was seriously fucked. What kind of town did we stumble upon? I kept my gun at my side as I headed back to where Sam and the girls were. As I walked up, I heard sobbing and then coughing. I hurried inside and stopped short of the woman on the floor, Sam on one side of her and Buffy on the other and the old chick was coughing up blood.

Making a face, I just looked at Sam and swallowed. Something about this place ... there had to be someone around here who could explain what the fuck was going on.

I nodded over toward Faith before walking over and told Sam and Buffy to get up.

"She needs help," Buffy tried and I just rolled my eyes.

"You're going to need help if you stay next to her."

I guess that lit a fire under her ass because she was up as was Sam.

"Isn't someone going to help me?"

"Yeah," I muttered and found some paper towels and tossed them on the ground. I didn't mean to be a bastard, but I didn't feel like getting a virus today that could possibly kill me.

Of course, unless I was wrong, I was just a bastard.

"It's a virus," I said lowly as I looked at Sam. "There has to be something in the book," I offered and scratched the back of my head. "There's something denomic in them, at least the father and obviously the son, throw in a virus and hey, you have yourself a party."


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"Oh shit." I exclaimed as soon as the rest of the geniuses I was with figured out it was some kinda virus. I put my sleeve of my shirt up against my nose and mouth like that would even help anything. I had her husband pinned up against the damn wall. Did that mean I had it too? Man, this is not how I'm going out.

"That doesn't make any sense, Dean." Sam spoke up and I pulled my shirt sleeve away. Cause c'mon, Dean's easy on the eyes but Sammy is the brainiac of the bunch. "She's sick now but those two? They weren't sick at all. They were perfectly fine. Well, insane but mostly fine." He added in.

"Well, something's going on here." I pointed out like a dumbass but stopped when the woman started to heave up more blood. We all made a made a face before she seemed to give up and die on the floor.

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "I'm not goin' out like that!"

"Faith, would you relax?" Sam suddenly piped up again. "We don't even know this happened to her. Her husband might have given her something, some kind of drug..."

Just as he said it the woman started to pull herself up to her feet. "That's some kinda drug." I muttered just as she charged at Sammy.
I glanced at Faith, giving her a look at the fact that she was over reacting. Or was she? Should I be ... scared too? I've gotten viruses before and they aren't exactly fun. I didn't have too much time to think about that though because the woman was on her feet again and now charging at Sam. Without thinking about it, I reached out, grabbing her shoulder's and pulling her back before turning her around and slamming her into the wall again. She fell, sliding down the wall.

I turned back around to face the rest of them, but the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, on my stomach while she charged at Sam again. Rolling over, I got up and put my hand on my back. She didn't hurt me exactly, it was just a surprise. I should have known though.

Sam was holding his own, then Dean stepped in to grab the woman and toss her off of him except Dean lost his balance and fell back. He cursed and held the back of his head while Faith and I went for her and this time both of us grabbed her and threw her back.

Buffy and Faith seemed to have things under control for a minute until she jumped back up and charged at the two of them. "Look out!" I yelled, aiming my gun at the insane woman but I couldn't get a clear shot. Faith ducked just in time but the woman tackled Buffy to the floor before pulling her back up with her arm wrapped around her throat.

"Damn it." I muttered, struggling to get a clear shot but Faith jumped in before I could and punched the woman so hard in the face she went staggering backwards, losing her grip on Buffy. She hit the wall and I finally had my shot. Aiming I fired just as she was running out of the house. I missed, but Dean? Dean never missed.

Before we knew it she was laying dead on the floor in the living room and the four of us were standing over her still body.

"Shit." I heard Faith mutter as we all glanced back up at her. "Is this where everyone went? I never seen anybody get sick like this before."

"The virus. It could be supernatural in origin." I said, as I looked at the three of them. "It's not completely unheard of. I've read about similar cases in Dad's journal."
Rolling over, I got up quick and aimed. A second later, she went down with a thud and I looked at Sam, then at the girls, asking if they were alright. We looked down at her and I raised my eyebrow, knowing full and well that we were going to run into more of those kinds. Letting out a breath, I took out Dad's journal and tossed it to Sam while I looked around.

"You think anyone else knows we're here?" Buffy asked as she moved closer to Faith and I shrugged. "Probably. Probably not."

"Well, the father and the son ... or whatever. They know," she started. She did have a point. They'd probably bring back a fucking army of more like 'em. Strong son's a bitches.

"We could have helped her," she said this time, low and I gave her a look. She didn't say anything else and I just didn't want to say anything. She was going after Sam and she was infected, she had to go, point blank.
"No way we could have helped this bitch." I shot back over at B as I shrugged, pushing the lady's limp body a little bit with my foot before I realized that she definitely wasn't gonna get up again. "Yo we gotta get out of here before we catch the demon flu." I pointed out to them.

"Faith, if this is a problem we have to find a way to help these people." Sam piped up.

"What people?" I asked, holding my arms out. "I don't see anybody around here except for Mr. and Mrs. Psychotic Ass Stepford." I pointed out. "No reason why we should go down too."

"But what if it spreads?" Sam said, still looking straight at me before turning back to Dean like he was even the reasonable one. Yeah, right. "It could take out everyone before we even know it. Then none of us will be safe."
There had to have been a way to help her. We could have tied her up and ... there just had to be another way besides just shooting her dead. Crossing my arms over my chest, I just stood there while they talked about what to do next. I agreed with Sam, we had to help these people and even Dean kinda agreed too even though he'd probably like to get out of here - just as much as we did.

Dean looked over his gun before checking the bullets and clicking it all back together.

"I should go and take a ride, you guys gonna be alright?" He asked and I frowned. He was just going to leave us here?

"Gonna go see if there's anyone else. You comin' Faith?" He asked and I glanced at her.

"We'll be okay here," I assured her. As they left, I walked to the table, standing across from Sam as he looked at his Dad's journal.
"Yeah, I'll catch you later. Call me if anything comes up, B." Those were Faith's parting words as she followed my brother out of the house. A moment later I heard the engine of Dean's car roar to life and I paused for only a second. Looking up I gave Buffy a slight smile as I pulled my dad's journal out of my jacket pocket and started flipping through it.

I was back in the kitchen now, and Buffy had followed me back to the table near where they had been torturing the woman who was now laying dead on the floor. I knew it was bothering her just as much as it was bothering me. Dean was no killer but that woman had to be stopped and we both knew it.

I was a little self-conscious of her standing there just watching me and I wasn't really sure why she hadn't gone with Dean and Faith. It wasn't as if she could really help me here because all I was doing was reading.

"Are you alright?" I finally asked her as she shifted uncomfortably.


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