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Sometimes I get the feeling, she's watching over me

I had talked to a few of the nurses about the patients but the information was light, they weren’t giving up any details or specifics, mainly because they saw me with Sam and with Faith and kinda already knew I wasn’t from a newspaper or something like that. Instead of going back to see Sam, I went walking down the halls, checking rooms and keeping a close eye on the patients that were in there, making sure I didn’t see anything that would be on the creepy side, or suspicious for the most part.

Until I saw Sam’s dad walking out of this room and watching his back, making sure I would assume that his son wouldn’t see him. Oh, daddy, where are you going in a hurry? I felt bad for following him, but maybe Sam would have wanted me to? I would think that he wouldn’t be allowed to leave and well, he wouldn’t leave without his two sons, would he? Slowly, I followed him, watching myself before turned corners and I noticed that he wasn’t even heading for the exit; instead, I followed him toward the back of the wing and watched curiously as he went through a set of doors that had a nameplate on them that read, ‘basement.’

Okay, so there was something about this family that wasn’t right, but believe it or not, it wasn’t that surprising I guess. Stranger things have happened in my life so hey. I could deal with this. Looking around, I hurried and followed him through the doors and down a set of steps that led to a huge room that held boxes and other materials, furniture and other things that hospitals use I guess.

I heard something fall and I looked around the corner, watching as Sam’s dad turned around another corner, holding a bag and he was limping. Well, he was before, but … I wasn’t worried about that then as I was now. He didn’t know me, but hey, whatever he was doing? Couldn’t have been good and at least I was here, being all nosey and stuff and maybe I could save him and help pay Sam back for helping getting Faith back.

Okay, that was just all with the weird, but sadly, it was kinda honest.

Following him down a hallway, I swallowed hard and all I could hear was the steam that was blowing and the drips of water and it made this so much more creepier. I would totally prefer dark cemeteries over this anyway of the week, anytime at night. He stopped suddenly and I stopped also as he pulled the bag from his shoulders and set it down on the hard cement, pulling out a small box it seemed and I was getting more and more confused by the second. What the huh was he doing?

Narrowing my eyes, I watched as he pulled out chalk and started drawing some sort of symbol, groaning as he did so. He was in so much pain and I couldn’t understand why this would be more important than resting up and being with his sons. Then he pulled out candles and other things and that’s when I realized that … this wasn’t going to be a good thing at all. I stood there, watching and wondered if I should hurry up and get Sam but whatever he was doing, we’d probably be too late. Turning back, I leaned against the wall and looked up, closing my eyes and shaking my head. Letting out a breath, I looked back around the corner and watched.

He started speaking in a language I was sure to have heard before and started…cutting his skin. Summoning? Calling on a spirit. Whatever it was? It wasn’t good and I thought that now would be good time to break it all up except there was a huge flame and he got up, looking around expecting something or someone to be there. Whatever was going on, it was too late and at least I was here now, since heh, I kinda kill these sorts of things. I heard footsteps and moved behind a big pipe and for a second, I was praising the fact that I was tiny as a damn stick (which I really wasn’t, but whatever) as the guy walked right past me and toward Sam’s dad.

“Hey, what are you doing down here?” He asked as he looked around and saw what was going on. “You need to come with me.”

“Okay, I’ll do that,” Sam’s dad said and started walking after him before pulling out a gun and pointing it at his back. “You really think I’m stupid do you,” he said and the other guy turned around, looking at Sam’s dad.

What the HELL was going on?!

“Now, now, do you want me to be honest about that question?” I caught a glance at the guy’s eyes and yeah. He wasn’t human. At least not right now, maybe not ever. Swallowing, I kept my eyes on them, really wanting to just … kill this demon guy but I was curious as to what Sam’s dad was doing. I knew I’d help him, but right now, with his big shiny gun, I think he had it under control. For now.

“Well, John, I always thought you were suicidal, but suicidal and stupid?” The demon almost chirped at John, but he just gave the demon a grin as he raised his eyebrows.

“I could just shoot you now.”

“You could, but I have a feeling you only got one shot and I have another feeling that well, you might miss,” he practically sang, but not really. It was really weird. In fact? This whole thing? All weird, especially when I had no idea what was going on? Did Sam know about this?

“Did you really think that you could get me down here, just to trap me?”

John put the gun at his side and shrugged. “I don’t want to trap you. You got it wrong. I want to make a deal.”

Licking my lips, I moved, edging closer.

“A deal,” the demon grinned and scanned the area and I ducked down quickly before making a five count and popping my head back up slowly.

“That doesn’t sound like you.”

“You get the bullet. The gun. All I ask is that Dean is okay. I want him back. You bring him back.”

“Making a deal with the devil…” he purred and looked down at the shiny gun before glancing at John again. “If only your boys knew how much you loved them … say, does Sam know his secret. Did you tell him yet? Don’t imagine you did …” He answered for John and chuckled.

There was a secret about Sam? And that’s the devil? Where the hell did we end up? And did Sam know anything about this? I … didn’t like this and I stood there, waiting for a chance to even … go but … I knew this wasn’t going to turn out well.

Never stopped me before and I was just waiting for a chance to get in there. I wanted to find out more about what was going on. And … about Sam.

“Do we have a deal?” John asked but the demon just shook its head no. “I will bring Dean back, but you need to … sweeten the pot just a bit. I want the gun and the bullet, but I want something that I’ve wanted all along and you’re the only person who has it. Your life.”

Suddenly, I was up and walking over and John just looked at me, wondering who I was, except the demon just kept his eyes on John. “I was wondering when you were going to get out of the corner little girl,” he grinned and then looked at me.

“You’re ... bringing Dean back, I … my friend ... sister is ... with Dean. Me and Sam were trying and … I need Faith back.”

The demon looked at me before looking at John, then back at me.

“What do you have to offer me?”

I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing since I never … made a deal with the devil before, if this was the devil, but hey, this was all strange and not exactly what I was used to, so anything could be possible. I didn’t know what to offer him. I had skills, my slaying abilities; I could give those up, couldn’t I? That’s what made me who I was and …

“You have it.” John finally said and I looked at him.

“You have a deal.”

John walked past me and back up toward the actual floor that we were on. The demon just grinned and then it was gone and I ran, catching up with John, not exactly sure what was going on. He turned around, looking at me sadly, yet determined.

“How did you know about this?” He asked me and I just couldn’t believe he was … doing this. I mean, I gave up my life for Dawn. I could understand but this was different. So different. Wasn’t it? – No there was no difference and I could completely understand. It was just ... awkward how this was falling on me, I could feel it already.

“I’m … I was helping Sam. Me and Faith are vampire Slayers from California … we …”

“I’ve heard about you. Somewhat. Listen,” he placed a hand on my shoulder. “Take care of my son’s. Just … make sure they’re okay.”

Then he was gone.

I stood there for a moment before walking back up, then breaking out into a run as I ran back to Faith’s room. The doctors were in there and she was … alive.

“Faith?” I couldn’t believe it. Swallowing hard, I pushed myself past nurses and was at her side. I couldn’t ... this …

Sniffing, I watched her and then hugged her softly, happy that she was back.

“Help! I need some help in here!!” I heard someone yell; only that wasn’t just someone.

That was Sam.
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