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It's me, I can't get myself to go away...

R. E. A. P. E. R.

Slowly, I looked up at Sammy and saw the expression on his face. Yeah, buddy, this is the real deal. I knew that we couldn’t fight death. How could you? There was no way but you know what? Today was going to be the day that we did and I just kept that in my mind – over and over, reminding myself that we could overcome anything because we could. We were Winchesters. Suddenly, Sam was up with Buffy his babe tart followed and if he thought I didn’t catch that little blush he had goin’ on, he was crazy. I’d bug him about it later, that sly dog he was. Sam told Buffy to go and check with the nurses and to snoop around while he looked in Dads journal for a sense of anything that could help me and Faith.

Swallowing, I looked over at Faith and shrugged, “He’ll get us out of this mess, don’t worry,” I said, trying to reassure her and well, myself. This was a sticky situation but I wasn’t dyin’ today. No way.

Sam left the room after a while and left Faith and I in there, well, he didn’t really know that but … With a sigh, I looked over at her and held my arms out before they fell back down at my sides. There was a tap on the door and both of us turned around to see the girl who was … just like us.

“Hey, we’re gettin’ the ball rollin’, we’re gonna be out of this in no time,” I told her. She looked scared and she wasn’t the only one. I had so many things going through my head right now it was crazy. I mostly wanted to beat my head on the side of a wall until it all went away and there was nothing left but a huge headache that could be egged on by a few beers. Then I’d sleep soundly and hey, I’d be alive too.

“When?” She asked and I looked over at Faith.

“Well, when my brother figures out how to get us out. It’s complicated, but hey … we’ve dealt with worse.”

She looked confused and I headed toward her.

“It’s going to be okay, alright?” I couldn’t promise it and I wish I could do something. Kinda freakin’ HARD to do something when one minute you can touch something and the next, you can’t. Yeah, someone totally had an ‘I Hate Dean Winchester Day’ and are celebrating it wherever they are. Well, they’re freakin’ ASSHOLES.

Reaching out, I rubbed her arm before looking back at Faith.
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