Buffy Summers (littlebufferin) wrote in blindingheights,
Buffy Summers

Rivergrove, here we come. Kinda.

After everything that happened, Dean was barely even looking at me. At least Faith understood even when I didn’t understand. I mean, I did, I wanted to save Faith and in the end, I helped save both of them, together. Their father was more than willing and I … I just couldn’t let Faith die when I there was a chance that she didn’t have to. The whole ride to Rivergrove was made in mostly silence. Sometimes Sam and Faith would try to include me in on conversations, Faith I think because she liked making Dean tick and Sam just to be nice. But once I’d talk, the conversation would usually go quiet, so I’d just look out the window, unable to get some sleep that I was in major need of. I hadn’t been able to sleep at all and it was taking a toll on me.

Why couldn’t Dean just realize that I did what I had to do? Wouldn’t he do the same thing? He seemed like he would be the type to lay down his life for his brother and I’d do anything to help Faith. That’s just what we did. And I could see it in Dean’s eyes, that’s what he would do too, so why was he so angry at me? Because it was his father. Maybe I was selfish in all of this. John was saving Dean and in the process, I asked him to save Faith. It wasn’t my place, but he was more than willing, he did it and now both of them were alive while John was dead. The demon was also really wanting to get a hold of that gun, I didn’t understand why and I didn’t ask. Maybe I should have.

We finally drove past the Rivergrove city limit sign and I shifted in my seat, while looking out the window. Where was everyone? Was this what Sam saw in his vision? Yeah, maybe he didn’t realize that he me and Faith knew what him and Dean were talking about, but we did. We know all about the visions and Sam had a vision about this place, hence us being here now. Faith and I shared a look as we both looked out the window again.

“Well, looks like this is a modern day ghost town.” Dean pointed out dryly as he drove on through, somewhat slow for a change.
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