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But if there's nothing left to hold let the angels take a soul

There’s just one word I’d be usin’ for Dean Winchester right about now and that would be projecting. Yeah, I know. That sounds a little bit too smart for a high school dropout from Southie but I spent a lot of time getting’ shrinked in prison. Check me out, learned all kinds of things. Like the reason Dean is trippin’ about Evan makin’ a deal with the crossroads devil. He was all up in Evan’s face telling him how he wasn’t trying to help his wife he was trying to help himself cause he couldn’t live without her. Now she was gonna have to live without him. Yeah well, Dean might have had a point but you still gotta respect a guy who’ll put it all on the line for his wife. I’d do it and hell I don’t even like anybody half as much as Evan digs his wife.

Still, I wasn’t gonna say shit to the guy. He was already so uptight that Sam pretty much made me take him to do the dirty work with the demon. He and Buff were gonna stay behind with Evan and make sure no hellhounds managed to tear him in half either. Cause I hear getting’ torn in half? Sucks. Plus, the guy was just tryin’ to save his dying wife. I gotta feel for him, even if Projection Boy wouldn’t.

Blah blah blah. So maybe John Winchester made some get out of jail free card deal with whatever killed him. Saved Dean and sacrificed himself. Granted, I got nothin’ when it comes to being a parent and well, my only role model was a shitty one but I knew that dads should wanna give themselves up if it means their kids live. When you become a parent your kids are supposed to be more important than you are. That’s the way it’s supposed to go. And let’s be honest, if that was how it went down (and it made sense enough to) then that meant I owed John my life too. I figure I got nine lives, I’ve almost died way too many times. Comas? Yeah, they’re just part of the Faith Lehane way of life now. But I kinda should be dead by now, and somehow I managed to wake up. At the exact same time that Dean did. Can you blame me for being glad I was alive? I remember what it was like when my mom died but it still didn’t make me think Dean should feel lucky to be alive. Dying kinda sucks.

So here I am, in Dean’s car heading towards the crossroads all cause some dumb painter decided having talent was more important than being alive. Y’know, I never really thought about it before. The whole geniuses always die early thing. But now it made a whole helluva lot more sense. Good thing for me I ain’t no genius and not really willing to sell my soul to become one. That’s just dumb.

He wasn’t saying much on the way there, but I knew there was some kinda plan to trap this bitch gettin’ people to just throw away their lives. I just didn’t know exactly what it was. Let’s be honest, I was only here to play babysitter cause Sammy didn’t wanna deal with him. I knew me and B could keep Evan way safer together than separately but someone had to put up with Dean’s shit. I guess I’m just the lucky one.

When the Impala finally slowed down and stopped I glanced over at him from the passenger seat.

“You didn’t have to be such a dick to him, you know.”
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