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Everyday seemed to be going by much quicker, but it didn’t make anything easier. My dad – our dad was gone and Sam and I were dealing with it the best we knew how. We didn’t know what happened, but we were going to get to the bottom of it. He was there so quickly after being gone and now, well, he was just gone. Not coming back. Sammy well … he had some issues to work out. Sam was afraid that dad thought he hated him when he died. Dad knew I loved him and would do anything for him and I still would, but that was all over with now and now we just needed to move on. Yeah, like that was going to happen. At least we were being kept busy. We had a case in Red Lodge, Montana. Severed heads and bloodless cows and someone thinks there’s a problem and obviously, they’re right. Good thing we were able to get the case. Not too many people I’m sure would pick that up.

Keeping busy … yeah, now my car’s back. Running better than ever. That was the least of my worries now. Leaning forward, I rubbed my fingertips along the dash while Sam just shook his head. This was my baby. She never let daddy down.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I noticed the car that’s been following us since we left the hospital. Was I that good? They must be stupid to think that we didn’t know they were following us. Faith and her pretty blonde friend. I mean, I was drunk that night and while I’m usually confident in myself, that night, I … well, let’s just say my mind was somewhere else, completely, but hey, if she’s up for some more, then I’m sure I could squeeze her in.

“They must really think we’re blind to not notice them,” I said, mostly to myself, but glanced at Sammy as he looked at the mirror and shifted in his seat.

“Maybe I should just pull over and call them out. Seems like a fun idea.”

I turned up the music instead, leaned back in my seat and drove, hitting the gas a little bit further. Three hundred miles until Red Lodge, Montana and I was gonna push this baby for all it was worth.

Another hundred miles later, I grinned when I stopped for gas, seeing them pulling in a few minutes later behind us, but not getting out.

“I’m gonna go have some fun.”


“So, what do they got on me,” I grinned and dipped another French fry into some ketchup before taking a bite and looking over at Sammy and Buffy. Yeah, so they were following us, like we already knew. I made it my business to remind them of their skills and how not very good they were, but Faith just smacked me at the time, and Buffy rolled her eyes. It was okay. Wasn’t really our style though to take some chicks with us, especially since we didn’t want to be responsible for them but uh, we learned that they can hold their own and I’ll never admit to that again.

We got who they were, we didn’t know they made them that …small and well, girly and … at all. Things you learn everyday, I’m thinking. At least they were hot.

“Well, it looks like you have a warrant in St. Louis,” Buffy said, looking at me with an expression on her face – then she sighed.

“Well, thank you Debbie Downer.”

“Hey, you asked.”

Sam just looked pitiful before telling me that we had to keep a low profile and blah blah, I already knew this. “Yeah, so we already know that. Anything going on?”
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