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You play forgiveness

I got up early while Faith was still sleeping. I had heard her coming in late, but I was too tired to say anything to her. From what I heard though, she took a shower and then plopped in bed. Long night probably. I would have thought that she would sleep, but then again, knowing Faith – I guess that’s what I would have done. You know, being in a coma and all, why would she need the rest again? After I showered, I got dressed and walked down to the vending machine, getting out one of those Little Debbie pastry things and then a diet soda. I heard a door open and glanced over, seeing Sam and Dean walking out and heading my way. Quickly, I snugged myself between the two machines and quickly pushed the vending machine out a little bit before squeezing behind it. Hiding? I wasn’t hiding, it was just I wanted to hear what they were saying and I didn’t exactly want them to know that I was listening. I heard them both get out some snack and frowned when I heard they were going to get a car from … Bobby? Who was Bobby? Well, yeah, I wouldn’t know, but … right. Anyway, they were going up to some town to see an Ellen that they heard on their father’s voicemail, then they were gone.

Okay, so … now I just had to get Faith up so we could … go for a ride. Only, the car was dead. This was turning out to be a great day, let me tell you.

I made it back to the room and ignored the Little Debbie as I set it on the counter. I called the tune up place we took it to and asked them if the car was ready. They told me that they fixed whatever was wrong, but the car wouldn’t last long. I told it was fine, I’d be there to pick it up in a few minutes and I just let Faith sleep while I left and hurried back. Parked outside, I walked inside the hotel room.

“Faith? It’s time to get up, we gotta go,” I told her and shook her a bit. I hoped that they already didn’t leave and I had a feeling they didn’t. I needed to keep my eye on them, mostly because of what their father told me, it was .. important to me, especially since he helped out Faith as well. I owed them this, owed him … I just needed to do it.

“Faith!” I yelled and got all of our things together. “I got the car, it’s outside, we just need to go now,” I said again and looked out the window and saw a mini van pulling up. Then Dean getting out. Crap.

“We have to go now,” I said. Again.
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